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"AVING traded nearly every one of our buffalo
.robes for balls and powder, guns and blan-
kets,, our chief said that we would soon be facing
winter without sufficient furs to keep us warm;
and he began to look around for a good hunting-
ground. He liked those Vhite man's blankets'
for their Iooks3 but he did not think that they
would keep us warm in the severe weather which
we would have to face when we got back on to
the plains. He asked the Suksiseoketuk braves if
there were any hunting-grounds in the Rockies
where we could hunt without breaking our word
with their head chief. They told us that we could
get plenty of mountain-sheep and ~goats? and lynx}
bears fox5 wolves and mountain-lions if we would
go a little way into the interior of the mountains.
They advised him to go down to the Kootenay
and Flathead country (north of what is now
Idaho), for those tribes were their enemies^ and

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